17 Aug 2017

Posted By:  jeff

Why Values are the Foundation to Your Corporate Culture


Spoiler alert: The following sentence is the whole point of this blog:

Shared Values are the most connective tissue possible between people.

Have you ever formed a strong bond with someone in a very short period of time? Most of us have. For some this could be because of a shared alma mater, a favorite book, movie, sports team, etc., or maybe it’s a shared view on a political matter, law, or social topic. Why do we connect over these things?

The reason is that these things are important to us and it feels good (chemical reaction in our brains) to find others who believe in the same things that we do.

Now, the more important something is to us, the deeper the potential connection can be.

And that brings us to values. Values are at the very core of who we each are as a person. When we discover that we share values with someone else, we tend to connect in a very profound way. This leads to greater trust, better communication, better teamwork and a deeper relationship all around.

So what does this have to do with your corporate culture?

If you are like the vast majority of your colleagues you know your company has values, you can probably name a couple of them, but they don’t exactly roll off your tongue. And to actually recite the definitions of those values without looking them up… forgetaboutit (said in my very best mobster accent).

Here’s how the conversation typically goes:

Us: “Does your company have a set of values and a guiding vision/mission statement?”

The most well intentioned companies: “Of course we do, that’s a silly question.”

Us: “Awesome, what are your values?”

The most well intentioned companies: “Hmmm, well there is Excellence, ummm, Integrity I think, something about Service and a I think a couple of others.”

Us: “Ok, do you remember how any of those values are defined for your company.”

The most well intentioned companies: “Who do think I am, frickin Ken Jennings?!(greatest Jeopardy star ever… google it) How would I possibly remember that?
Why is this? Is it because we don’t value, well, values?

At InJoy Global, we don’t think so. The fact is that almost every single company has spent the time, money and resources to create their values and mission statement precisely because we know they are valuable. But, why then do they tend to live in the shadows?

The problem is that most companies haven’t learned how to unlock the power of their values. Naming and defining them is only the first step. The true power of their values only comes alive when they are practiced.

Companies that figure out how to get everyone in the organization to not only know their values, but to actually practice them on a daily basis are going to have a big advantage in the areas of employee engagement, talent retention and overall productivity. How big of an advantage? Forgetaboutit!

– Jeff

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