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“This leadership challenge is a fantastic reminder for all of us that our PEOPLE are truly our most valuable asset. Not only am I inspired reading the daily inspirational quotes, but the shout outs are more impactful than I ever could have imagined. We literally have the smartest, most caring and genuine associates in the industry and I am so proud to be a part of their team!”

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“Participating in the InJoy Culture Challenge has been really extraordinary. The daily reminder to be present in every interaction and to appreciate all gestures, big or small, has been transformative. I’m a better listener, a better colleague, a better friend and a better mom because of this challenge. Thank you to my company for your commitment to strengthening our culture!”

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“The largest benefit of the InJoy Culture Challenge has been its application across my personal life as well as work. When I first started, I focused on how it affected my work and what I was grateful for in my colleagues and clients. Yet it is more than that and the current 30 day challenge has helped lift my mood and my ability to see the blessings I have around me in my personal life as well as professional. I have found bringing the two together has created a holistic perspective of career and family and I’ve enjoyed reading my colleagues explore the same themes.”

testimonial- Susan W.

“I’d be happy to share with you the biggest benefit I’ve experienced from participating in the Culture Challenge. I think the biggest benefit to participating in the challenge is it makes me slow down for a second, assess my mood and be more present. It’s a way of checking in with myself. I focus on how I feel and where my energy levels are throughout the day and that allows me to adjust any negative feelings before I continue on. I find it gives me a chance to think back on what I’ve accomplished or experienced that day and process some of those feelings. Reliving the high points of my day or the “wins” and posting them really elevates my mood. I also really enjoy reading my colleagues’ posts. I am really enjoying this challenge and I think it’s making a real difference in my productivity.”

testimonial- Amaris V.

“For me consciously taking the time to be mindful and check in with myself helps me recognize any lens I might have on my perception and helps me recognize if that lens is legitimate. It also helps me determine whether or not it is helping or hindering productivity and happiness both at work and with my family. I guess in short the site and activity reminds me to be mindful more. It also really makes me appreciate my colleagues when I get to see their wins and posts!”