23 Jun 2017

Posted By:  Phil Dixon

Creating an Amazing Corporate Culture: It’s NOT About Free Stuff

Unfortunately, most articles that highlight the “best places to work” seem to focus on the very tangible “things” that these companies give their employees… things like nap pods, gourmet chef cafeterias, scooters to cruise around campus, and kegs of beer on tap for after work happy hours.

While these kinds of things are nice and employees typically enjoy them (especially in the short term), they are not the keys to creating an amazing and positive corporate culture.

In study after study, the real reasons why employees love where they work comes down to their company creating an environment where they experience the following on a regular basis:

  •     Employees feel valued
  •     Employees feel connected to the rest of the team and to the overall mission of the company
  •     Employees know how their actions are contributing to the whole and making a difference
  •     Employees feel they are growing personally and professionally year over year


What’s even better is that when you focus on the above, it’s not just the employees who benefit. Those same studies show that when a culture focused on the above elements is created, companies consistently see a huge uptick in engagement, innovation, teamwork, sales and overall productivity. They also see reductions in sick days, turnover and absenteeism. In fact, in a recent study by Glassdoor, the companies rated “best places to work” because of their culture outperformed the S&P 500 by 122%.

Bottom line: while giving employees “stuff” may provide some initial benefits to your company culture, creating a working environment where all employees feel valued, connected, know their contributions make a difference and are growing both professionally and personally will be the key to creating the culture you want long term.

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