30 Jun 2017

Posted By:  Phil Dixon

The Corporate Culture Game- And Why You Need To Be Playing it… Literally

Most companies would definitely say their people are their biggest asset, but very few companies actually live that. In our opinion that’s not because they don’t have the desire to focus on building a positive and productive company culture, but rather that there hasn’t been an easy way to support, practice, or actually shape corporate culture … until now.

Again, the problem with building positive corporate culture has NOT been a lack of desire. In fact in 2016 over $150 Billion dollars were spent on corporate training programs. Many of these programs focused on growing and developing the people and corporate culture of our companies.

However, in a study done by Harvard Business Review, most companies felt the ROI on their investment in training, especially on the people side was very underwhelming. And why is that?

Well the problem has been that regardless of how great the training was, regardless of how many notes you took, regardless of how much desire you had to implement some of the learnings into your daily life… 30 days later you were right back where you started and ultimately nothing changed.

The problem with creating and maintaining a positive corporate culture has been finding a way to consistently practice and reinforce the behaviors needed over time until they actually become routine.

And that’s where gamification comes in. At InJoy Global, our culture shaping online platform combines the gaming elements of challenge and reward, the community interaction of social media, and the support and reinforcement of positive psychology. Rooted in neuroscience and the proven benefits of an optimistic mindset, our employee engagement and workforce development solution improves employee well being, job satisfaction, and performance.

We call our platform Culti-Vate, which is what you get when you create gamified challenges that combine the culture you want with a little motivation.

Imagine being able to reinforce the actions or behaviors you know would really move the needle in terms of your organizational goals. Now imagine that this engaged employees in the same way a good game does. And finally, imagine that you could track, in real time, the impact that these challenges were having for both the employees and the organization.

That’s the experience we have been able to create with our clients. Here’s what one of our clients said after just one year of quarterly challenges:

“We had a great year this past year. We met our plan, we successfully completed several very important goals, but the most important thing we did as a company this past year was the successful launch of our culture program. Because that really has been the foundation for all of our other successes.”

– Chaz Mueller, President of the Irvine Company Apartment Communities


If you are interested in exploring how gamification can take your company’s culture to the next level, contact us!

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