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Happy employees everywhere

Nicole K.

“I love the Culture Challenge for many reasons but mainly because the challenge brings our team so close! We are more aware of the positive things that each team member brings to work every day and we make sure to show that by the shout outs! It's also very uplifting to hear what my coworkers admire about each other from day to day. I, personally, like to start each day with the challenge because it puts me in a good mood, gets me pumped to start my day.”

Cheryl N.

“The biggest benefit that I've experienced from participating in this challenge is honestly, truly feeling united. We work in such a big organization and I truly feel like this has brought a lot of us together. Something that I have noticed is the challenge allows us to reach out and appreciate our peers, but also people who we have never met before but have worked with. It allows us to keep in touch with previous colleagues and still impact their daily lives in some way. I'm so happy that I've continued to complete this daily challenge, especially this one. United is a personal daily goal of mine. Whether that's with my team or with family and friends, it's something that is essential to every aspect of our lives. It's been a great experience so far!”

Nickolas D.

“I would have to say one of the biggest benefits I am feeling from the participation is seeing everyone becoming one and the unity that this challenge is creating. I really enjoy seeing everyone participating and how it is bringing everyone together as a team here. It has created a very welcoming and cohesive environment among all of my peers. It has added to the joy of coming to work everyday that I did not think could get any better.”

Claude D.

“The biggest benefit I get from it is the feeling of belonging to something bigger, and great. I truly believe in those values, and I love putting them to practice and seeing my coworkers doing the same. More over, it is a platform where I like many go to, to really express and show our appreciation for the great company we work for as well as our coworkers and clients.”