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Express Program

Culti-Vate Express, designed for small to mid-sized companies (under 1000 employees) is fast, efficient and provides all the benefits that a larger corporation would enjoy.

Starting with a Core Values pilot challenge, the express program offers additional gamified challenges in the areas of Teamwork, Productivity, Leadership and Customer Service. These challenges are designed to fit into your company budget, and are easy to administer.

You will receive guidance from an InJoy Global account manager throughout the program. Our account managers are expert at maximizing the benefits of Culti-Vate Express. We also provide consistent insight, technical support and will help you celebrate your company’s success.

Our goal is to revolutionize your company culture.

We believe every company needs to have access to a simple yet powerful solution to culture reinforcement. Our program will fit the bill to almost any company who is looking to have a happy, healthy and engaged environment.