Our Mission | Injoy Global

InJoy Global is a culture-shaping company dedicated to transforming the workplace.

We deliver employee engagement and workforce development solutions that strengthen company culture by building teamwork, shared purpose, and commitment to improve performance and enhance the bottom line.

Our simple, interactive Culti-Vate platform combines the gaming elements of challenge and reward, the community interaction of social media, and the support and reinforcement of positive psychology.

Rooted in neuroscience and the proven benefits of an optimistic mindset, our employee engagement and workforce development solution improves employee well-being, job satisfaction, and performance.


Our mission is simple: To help companies create the best culture possible for their employees.

Culture to us means creating a dynamic, engaged workplace that brings out the best in everyone, that is guided by enlightened leadership, driven by fulfilling work, and focused on delivering successful business outcomes.

Most companies say their people are their biggest asset but very few actually live that. And in our opinion that’s mainly because there hasn’t been an easy way to support, practice, or shape corporate culture … until now.

We do that not by pretending we know what change is best for your company but rather that we know how to facilitate the process of creating that change.

We are your culture shaping reinforcement partner.