Injoy Global | Meet the Team

As a company we are dedicated to helping companies create the best culture possible.

But what does that mean? To us it means creating an environment where each individual:

  • Feels Valued
  • Feels connected to the rest of the team and to the overall mission of the company.
  • Knows how their actions are contributing to the whole and making a difference.
  • Feels they are growing professionally and personally year over year.

In order to help our clients do that, we need to be doing it ourselves. Each member of our team plays a crucial role in both the “job” they do and the creation of our culture. At InJoy we are really dedicated to culti-vating the space for ourselves and our team members to experience all the above elements on a daily basis.
We are InJoy.


Linda LoRe, CEO & Co-Founder

Career CEO with world-wide brands for Giorgio Beverly Hills, Avon, Procter and Gamble and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Linda is an accomplished and inspirational corporate CEO with highly successful tenures in the retail, fashion, and beauty industries. Her extensive experience includes building consumer companies from the ground up, revitalizing storied brands and breathing new life into consumer favorites.

Developing your people is about giving them aspirational goals and helping them learn how to set those goals for themselves. It’s also about giving them an enjoyable work environment. If we enjoy the work that we’re doing and the business that we’re supporting, we will bring our best to it.

Superpower: Vision. Seeing the big picture and inspiring others find the “why”.

Words to Live By: “Carry the roses”
I’ve often been told to stop and smell the roses… Why stop when you can carry them with you?
When you are living “InJoy” the roses will always be with you, so just remember to carry them!


Jeff Baietto, COO & Co-Founder

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful companies in technology and gaming, health and wellness, and personal and professional development.

Jeff is a visionary with a passion for helping people live the life of their dreams. With a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and a background in the video game industry, Jeff brings a very unique and potent combination of skills to the corporate culture shaping arena.

When you focus your company culture on the values that you really want to stand for, then everything changes. Employees start connecting with the bigger picture, you start attracting people who are also drawn to living those values, and ultimately you create a huge competitive edge. The challenge has been finding a way to actually reinforce these values in a practical way consistently over time. That’s the problem we have dedicated ourselves to solving.

Superpower: Helping people connect to who they really are, focus on what really matters to them, and share their unique gifts with the world.

Words to Live By: “The most important things in life, aren’t things.” – Unknown


Phil Dixon

Job Title: Director, Operations and Human Capital

Superpower: Finding joy and strength in solving problems.

Words to Live By: Let me tell you the secret that has led to my goal. My strength lies solely in my tenacity.
- Louis Pasteur, scientist and inventor of the pasteurization process

Clea Martin

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Superpower: Empathy and understanding others

Words to Live By: It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves- in finding themselves.
- Andre Gide

Elly Bannon

Job Title: Marketing Specialist & Project Management

Superpower: Encouraging others to see the importance of having a calm and thoughtful mind. With my superpower I practice patience and listening deeply to understand, compromise, and problem solve when necessary.

Words to Live By: Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness
-Katherine Henson

Holly Bennett Etzell

Job Title: Regional Accounts Director

Superpower: Exceptional ability to see a person's truth and to hear their full story. There's a constantly evolving “best” self for everyone. I use my superpowers to help people discover and embrace the evolution of their “best” self.

Words to Live By: Be curious. When we live a curious life, we create endless possibilities in our relationships, our work and ourselves. Curiosity and judgment are powerful forces. Judgment keeps us stuck in the past, while curiosity propels us forward.

Brady Teter

Job Title: Director, Business Development

Superpower: Relentless desire to develop new business, meet new people, learn new things and catch BIG fish.

Words to Live By: Everything, absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason... whenever I find myself uneasy it's because I've not accepted that person, place or situation as being exactly the way it supposed to be at that time.

Rakesh Kumar

Job Title: Development Manager

Superpower: Converting your Ideas into Digital reality.

Words to Live By: Dream big, work hard, stay focused, and surround yourself with good people.