Wellness is more than physical health. It is about balance and growth. When people feel well, they are more productive, they have a greater impact on their environment, they think more creatively, and they solve more problems.

Leadership is a mystery to many. "Some have it, some don't," you'll hear people say.

We're clear, leadership is learned. Some are drawn to it, some fear it, but the skills to effectively lead are available to us all.

What our clients are saying

  • “I have seen the impact of this program not just on people who work here, but their families as well. Thank you, InJoy Health, you have been a tremendous presence here. My kids are happier and healthier. I feel more energized and so does everyone I work with. To have the support of a company like this makes showing up to work each day something to look forward to.”

  • “This helped me improve my eating habits by making me aware on a daily basis of what is actually going into my body. Working as a team had us all rooting for each other. There were 30 of us going to the gym together and supporting each other. It was great!”

  • “This program was a big benefit for me. I wasn’t in it for the prize; whatever I lose, I gain. But the recognition is also nice. I feel more energy at work and I realized that people like to work with me.”

  • “I am grateful to this program and to my managers for bringing this program. Sometimes I feel like I want to cry when I think about how important each of us is to the company and how much they appreciate us. This is new for me.”

  • “In the past, I was inconsistent about workouts because I was only accountable to myself. Now doing this as a team effort has completely changed my commitment to working out, to what I eat and to the people on my team. I’m automatically more dedicated to each of them now.”

  • “My new diet consisted of cutting out carbohydrates, red meat and fatty foods. I started snacking on fruits and vegetables throughout the day. All three months, a lot of our co-workers would workout together. There was so much support. It was really impressive. And the results speak for themselves.”

  • “As a leader, establishing trust is my primary goal. Before we had a safe environment to play in, trust was rare and fleeting. Now, through participating in this program, trust is a foregone conclusion. It just exists, and that is such a powerful platform to build on.”

  • “It seems funny to say this, but what the heck. It used to feel like management was breathing down our necks. Through this program, I realized that all along, they’ve been breathing life into the organization. I respect them infinitely more now.”

  • “I just want to say thank you to our managers. I thought this was going to be another one of “those things.” I was just going to keep my mouth shut and stay invisible. But then, I saw how committed they were, and I dove in. Thanks to them, I stayed even when it got hard. I didn’t lose the most weight here, but I did lose a lot.”

  • “When I first started, I couldn’t run a half-mile without getting winded. Through this process, I learned that I have asthma. Yesterday, I ran 3.5 miles on the treadmill and I’m looking for a 5k to join. If it wasn’t for my team taking a stand for me, I would have missed all of this. And it would have gone on like that for the rest of my life. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”